You have never seen any business class as Importwonda

This Proffesional Training Reveals How to import, sell and dropship products around Nigeria ....even with as low as N5000


A N100,000 per ticket training has been TRANSFORMED into an Affordable ONLINE "LIFE" TIME MEMBERSHIP Program with MULTIPLE BUSINESS TRAINING that you can join forever.

Justus Nwosu Digital Business Developer

We uncover to you  Justus Nwosu Masterclass – which is strictly on invitation only - where you will discover the advantage that entrepreneurs have working for themselves.

But First, Read This Disclaimer

Please know that this is not a get rich quick scheme or training. This is for you if only you have decided to make money having life time stable business and work from your comfort using your phone or laptop.


How To Sell Your Product and Services On The Internet And Make People Buy.

Flip Your Products on Ebay.

Converting Social Media Followers To Customers.

How to setup Digital Products and Make Massive Sales.

Secret To Making Sales on the Internet

Make Money Importing From China.

How To Become An Online Sales Consultant on jumia.

Affiliate Marketing.

How Setup And Sell Your Products on Shopify.

Sell Your Products on Jumia.

Jforce Sales Consultancy Education

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I never knew I could import with my phone and do businesses online with my phone untill I came across importwonda.com and now I import with no stress and I do clean business on the internet through jumia, shopify, amazon and Ebay.
Omekara Chukwuemeka
Thanks to importwonda, thanks to Justus Nwosu, through them I am not only able make multiple sales on my personal products on the internet and I also work without stress
Ubi Prosper

What Exactly Are You Getting

First of all, this not like any other business training. there is no fluff or filler – Just battle tested Internet Business that works right now and its easy to understand.

Getting life time online training of more than 10 internet sales business worth more than N100,000 at a very affordable rate.

You might find it discomforting using your data to stream our lectures.

Do not worry – we have every lecture made available for Download

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90% OFF For Only First 10 Persons

From The Desk Justus Nwosu
(Digital Business Developer) (CEO Hurrisetup.com)

Most of us walk through life  with our eyes closed, waiting for the next big opportunity instead of creating the opportunity.

You on the other hand has a great taste for creating value through business.

But if you take a kin look at the world today you will notice that most physical businesses are approaching a dead end and would end being a profitless business.


Nwosu Justus Chinecherem

Most people heard that the way to become wealthy or have consistent cash flow is through the internet and have ventured into it but ends up not getting anywhere or have spent money for the so-called training.

I have been in the IT industry for 7years now, I have built my profound skill around Web Development, Android Development, Digital Marketing, CCNA(Certified Cisco Network Associate), Cyber security(CISCO) etc. I went into these sectors because of my vision of building an IT solution company. The fascinating thing I want you to get from this story is not my exploits but the willingness to learn new things within my niche.

Becoming a Digital Business Developer opened me to having multiple businesses on the internet. And You Must Be Asking?

How Do You Make Money Online Today?

well here is what you need to know-

Making money (especially making money online) comes down to TWO things.

1. Having a great product or service that people will pay you for.

2. Getting people to see your products.

You don’t need ANYTHING else!

Now….. its important to know that This. Is Simple.

…but it isn’t easy.

You might be wondering I don’t have any product that people are willing to pay for or I don’t know how to get people to buy my existing product.

Your Awaiting SOLUTION

We are surrounded with multiple industries who produces sophisticated products that attract buyers and more also there are over 1000 E-coms centres that needs too sell their products.

Getting the Right skill set is all you need. Jump into this life time offer before its late.


Whether you are the me new and looking for your first reliable results or have an existing business that you want to scale for long term stability and wealth...The Mentors in Importwonda will take you by the hand and show you the EXACT path to success.

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We so strongly believe that Importwonda will give you the Overwhelming Advantage online that you are looking for, that we're willing to give you a 100% no questions asked money-back guarantee. That means when you invest today, you have 30 days to get a full and immediate refund.
 Just contact us to get your money back if you find our training not compatible to your current state.